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The teaser trailer for ‘Late Night With the Devil’ is out, offering a sneak peek into a 1970s found footage horror and the worst talk show guest ever.

The Plot

Set in 1977, ‘Late Night With the Devil’ is presented as an analog recording of a late-night talk show, complete with glitches common on old VHS tapes. In an attempt to revive his ratings after a personal tragedy caused them to dip, charismatic host Jack Delroy (David Dastmalchian) organizes a special Halloween show featuring a psychic (Fayssal Bazzi) and a skeptic (Ian Bliss). However, he also invites Lilly (Ingrid Torelli), the last surviving member of a Satanic cult, and her doctor (Laura Gordon).

Things Go Wrong

Predictably, things soon go disastrously wrong as supernatural forces turn the live television event into a true horror show.

Release Date

‘Late Night With the Devil’ arrives in theaters on March 22.