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Apple Vision Pro: The First Day

Apple’s Vision Pro, their first foray into virtual and augmented reality, is a hard sell for most people. Priced at $3,499 without taxes and add-ons, it’s one of Apple’s most expensive offerings.

On launch day, we visited Apple’s Fifth Avenue store to talk to the first people in the world to buy the Vision Pro.

The Hype

At 7:55 AM, a crowd of media and Apple employees gathered outside the store, chanting “AVP” for “Apple Vision Pro.”

At 8:00 AM, Apple CEO Tim Cook arrived and greeted the first guests.

The First in Line

At 8:08 AM, the first person in line, a man named Alejandro from Spain, exited the store with his Vision Pro box held high.

Alejandro and his friends, who flew in from Spain, were excited to try the Vision Pro. They work for Rossellimac, an Apple distributor in Spain, and had made matching vests to commemorate the trip.

The Apple Fanboy

Kevin and Joanna, NYU students, arrived at 7:30 AM. Kevin is an Apple fanboy, but he doesn’t expect to buy the Vision Pro after today’s demo. He thinks it’s a first-generation product with flaws that need to be ironed out.

The German Tech Enthusiasts

Sebastian and Marco, two tall, shy-looking men from Switzerland and Germany, met less than 48 hours ago as part of a small cohort of readers of the German tech publication Heise.

They arrived at the store at 7 AM and have demos at 9:30 AM. They’ve already ordered the device to pick up tomorrow.

Visions of a Dystopian Reality

A protest truck across the street from the Apple store displayed a large screen with a quote from a former Apple executive about child porn.

Luca and Eliza, 18-year-olds from Australia, were interested in a demo. Luca is a fan of the Vision Pro and has watched demos of it online. Eliza is more skeptical about the whole spectacle, calling it “dystopian.”

Dashed Hopes

Alex, a smiling man who is practically bouncing his way out of the store, is an Apple fanboy. He intends to run home to his apartment and work from the Vision Pro for the rest of the day.

Alex is riding too high to let a snub ruin his day. He’s excited to have seen Tim Cook and can’t wait to try out his new Vision Pro.


Despite its high price and design limitations, the Apple Vision Pro has generated excitement among enthusiasts. It remains to be seen whether the device will be a commercial success, but it’s clear that Apple is betting big on the future of virtual and augmented reality.