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AI has become a buzzword in the home electronics market. But what exactly does it mean in this context? Let’s take a closer look at how companies are using AI in their products.

Where’s the AI?

Nest Learning Thermostat

  • What it does: Optimizes heating and cooling based on your preferences.
  • Where the AI is: AI algorithms analyze your preferences and use anonymized data to improve energy efficiency.

Samsung 2024 Bespoke Refrigerator with AI Family Hub Plus

  • What it does: Manages recipes, shopping lists, and orders groceries.
  • Where the AI is: Computer vision recognizes ingredients inside the fridge.

CatGenie A.I. Self-Washing Cat Box

  • What it does: Automatically cleans and flushes cat waste.
  • Where the AI is:
    Unclear, as the basic mechanics haven’t changed significantly.

Roborock S7 MaxV Robot Vacuum

  • What it does: Avoids obstacles and pet waste.
  • Where the AI is: Computer vision identifies objects and avoids them.

Briiv Pro 2.0 Air Purifier

  • What it does: Purifies indoor air using moss and a filter.
  • Where the AI is: Claims to use AI for air quality monitoring, but the details are unclear.


While some home appliances do incorporate AI, it’s important to understand the limitations. Many devices simply use automation or basic algorithms that may not meet your expectations of “artificial intelligence.” Before purchasing, consider the specific features and how they can enhance your daily life.