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Open Letter Denounces AI Threats

Music icons Billie Eilish, J Balvin, and others have signed an open letter expressing their concerns about the use of AI in music. They believe it poses a threat to human creativity and the livelihoods of musicians.

AI’s Potential and Pitfalls

The letter acknowledges that AI has the potential to enhance creativity. However, they condemn companies that use AI to:

  • Train models on existing music without artist consent
  • Generate content that reduces royalties for artists
  • Steal voices and likenesses, violating creators’ rights

Impact on Musicians

The letter emphasizes the catastrophic impact AI could have on working musicians who rely on their earnings to survive. It calls for protection against the predatory use of AI.

Ongoing Debate

The debate over AI in music gained attention in 2023 when Ghostwriter used AI to imitate Drake and The Weeknd’s voices. The resulting song raised concerns about the potential for deception and copyright infringement.

Legislation and Industry Response

New laws like the ELVIS Act aim to protect artists from AI encroachment. Interestingly, HYBE, a conglomerate with an AI audio technology company, has signed the open letter. This suggests they may be positioning themselves as responsible actors in the ongoing discussion about AI’s role in music.