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Edit Your Video with Text

Filmora’s AI Text-Based Editing tool makes it easy for beginners. Simply type in your text, and the AI will sync it with your video, saving you time.

Translate Your Content Globally

The AI Translation tool lets you translate your videos into 25+ languages. Choose your source and target languages, and the AI will handle the rest.

Generate Royalty-Free Music

Choose a music theme that matches your video’s vibe, and Filmora’s AI Music Generator will create editable tracks for you. You can even use them for commercial purposes.

Enhance Your Color Grading

The AI Histogram of Curve tool guides you through color adjustments, helping you create the perfect mood for your video.

Get Help from an AI Assistant

The AI Copilot Editing tool analyzes your video and provides suggestions for edits, transitions, and effects. It’s like having your own expert assistant.