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The Shotline: A New Way to Contact Congress

The fight for gun reform has taken a new turn. The Shotline, a website launched by March For Our Lives and Change the Ref, allows gun reform supporters to contact their representatives using automated voicemails.

But these aren’t just any voicemails. They’re the voices of people who were killed by gun violence, recreated using AI voice cloning technology.

Ethical Concerns

The use of AI deepfakes has raised ethical concerns. Some worry about the psychological effects of creating artificial representations of deceased loved ones. However, the campaign organizers believe that the voices of victims should be heard.

The Campaign’s Message

The voicemails deliver powerful messages from the victims. Joaquin Oliver, a Parkland shooting victim, calls out congressional inaction: “You’ve done nothing to stop the shootings. How many dead voices will you hear before you listen?”

Other victims, including Uziyah Garcia, Ethan Song, and Akilah Dasilva, also share their stories.

The Gun Reform Movement’s Strategy

The Shotline is part of a broader strategy by the gun reform movement to connect with the public and advocate for change. Despite facing resistance from politicians and apathy from the public, advocates remain determined.

“We’ll call again, and again, and again, until change is made,” the victims’ voices chant in a video announcing the campaign. “Our stories need to be heard, and who better to tell them, than us?”