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Amazon Flex, a program that allows independent contractors to deliver Amazon packages using their own vehicles, has been plagued by incidents of violence and threats against its drivers. To address this growing concern, Amazon is piloting new safety features to protect its Flex drivers and ensure their safety while on the job.

New Safety Measures

  1. Driver Identification: Amazon is implementing a feature in its app that will display the Flex driver’s name and photograph to customers awaiting delivery. This measure aims to reduce instances of mistaken identity and prevent homeowners from mistaking delivery drivers for intruders.

  2. Branded Merchandise: A select group of Flex drivers will receive Amazon-branded merchandise, such as magnets and lights, to display on their cars. This will help customers easily identify Flex drivers and reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings.

  3. Automated Text Notifications: Amazon is working on a text feature that will automatically alert customers when a delivery is about to be made. This will help customers be aware of the delivery and avoid any confusion or misunderstandings.

Ongoing Safety Efforts

In addition to the new pilot features, Amazon has implemented various safety recommendations for Flex drivers, including:

  • Wearing a high visibility safety vest.
  • Wearing slip-resistant, closed-heel, and closed-toe shoes.
  • Amazon also offers free Amazon-branded vests for drivers at their delivery stations.

Amazon’s Commitment to Driver Safety

Amazon spokesperson Maya Vautier emphasized the company’s ongoing commitment to driver safety and their efforts to improve the experience of Flex delivery partners. She stated that Amazon will continue to listen to driver feedback, innovate on their behalf, and pilot new products and services to enhance driver safety and satisfaction.


Amazon’s new safety measures for Flex drivers are a positive step towards addressing the safety concerns and incidents of violence faced by its drivers. By implementing these features, Amazon aims to protect its drivers, reduce the risk of misunderstandings, and ensure a safer delivery experience for both drivers and customers.