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Amazon Pharmacy is stepping up its game by offering same-day prescription delivery in New York City and Los Angeles.

Who Can Get It?

If you need meds for common stuff like the flu, high blood pressure, or diabetes, you can now have them delivered to your door within hours.

Where Else Is It Available?

Amazon has already been doing this in Seattle, Miami, Indianapolis, Phoenix, and Austin. And get this: in College Station, Texas, they’re even using drones to deliver prescriptions in an hour!

Expansion Plans

Amazon plans to roll out same-day delivery to a dozen more cities across the country in the next year.

How It Works

Amazon Pharmacy lets you search for meds by condition and see if you need a prescription or if your insurance covers the cost.

Why It’s a Big Deal

Amazon says their new service is way faster than the usual delivery time of up to two weeks. They’re investing in new facilities, drones, and AI to make it happen.

Changing the Pharmacy Game

Amazon believes their same-day delivery will revolutionize the way we get our prescriptions. They’re aiming to eliminate long lines and unexpected prices at the pharmacy counter.