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EU Regulations Driving Changes

To comply with the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), Apple has announced significant changes to its iOS app distribution system.

Direct Web Distribution

Developers can now distribute their iOS apps directly to iPhone and iPad users through their own websites.

External Links and Alternative Marketplaces

Developers can link to external pages within their apps and create alternative marketplaces to distribute their apps without adhering to Apple’s guidelines.

Developer Requirements

To distribute apps directly from websites, developers must:

  • Be enrolled in the Apple Developer Program
  • Have been in good standing for two years
  • Have an app with over one million first-time installs in the EU in the previous year

Core Technology Fee

Apps distributed directly from websites are still subject to the Core Technology Fee, which is charged for first-time installations over one million.

EU-Only Policy

These new app distribution policies only apply to developers in the European Union.