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Why the Friction?

Comedian Jon Stewart recently revealed that Apple prevented him from interviewing FTC Chair Lina Khan on his podcast.

The Interview That Wasn’t

During an episode of “The Daily Show,” Stewart shared that Apple explicitly asked him not to interview Khan. He also claimed that Apple refused to allow his show to cover AI on Apple TV+.

Apple’s Motives

While Apple hasn’t officially commented, there are possible reasons for their resistance:

  • Khan’s Anti-Big Tech Stance: Khan has advocated for regulating and breaking up large tech companies, including Apple.
  • Antitrust Investigation: Apple is currently under investigation by the Justice Department for antitrust violations.

Content Disputes

Stewart’s departure from Apple TV+ last year was reportedly due to content disputes. Sources say Apple executives objected to episodes on China and AI.


Stewart’s experience highlights the power that a few companies have over the public discourse. Apple’s actions raise questions about their willingness to suppress conversations that could be critical of their business practices.