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Apple Maps has been playing catch-up with Google Maps for years. But now, Apple is stepping up its game with some cool new features that could make it your go-to mapping app.

Personalized Routes

Apple is working on a feature that will give you customized directions based on your car’s make and model. For example:

  • Gas-powered cars: Apple Maps will tell you when to stop for gas based on your fuel level.
  • Electric vehicles:
    You’ll get directions that include charging stations along the way, based on your car’s range.

License Plate-Specific Directions

Apple is also planning to offer directions tailored to your car’s license plate. This means you’ll only get routes that your vehicle is allowed to drive on, such as roads with weight restrictions for trucks.

Custom Routes

In addition to these features, Apple is also working on a way for you to create your own custom routes. This gives you even more control over your navigation experience.

Apple is clearly aiming to make Apple Maps the preferred mapping app, not just because it’s the default on iPhones, but because it offers the best user experience. With these new features, Apple Maps is definitely worth checking out.