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Importing Music from Other Services

Apple Music may soon offer an official way to import your music from Spotify and other streaming services. Reddit users have spotted a new option on the Apple Music library page that says “transfer music from other services.” This suggests that Apple is testing this feature on its Android app.

Inspiration from SongShift

The new feature seems to be inspired by SongShift, a popular third-party app that lets you transfer music between streaming platforms like Apple Music and Spotify. This feature allows you to keep your entire music library in one place, regardless of which app you prefer.

Apple’s History of Acquiring Third-Party Apps

Apple has a history of acquiring popular third-party apps instead of creating its own competing apps. In the past, Apple has bought Shazam (a music app) and Dark Sky (a weather app).

Strategic Move

Adding the ability to import songs from Spotify is a smart move for Apple. It makes it easier for users to switch from Spotify to Apple Music, which could help Apple gain more subscribers.

Competition with Spotify

It’s surprising that Apple would be willing to cooperate with Spotify, its biggest competitor. Apple was recently fined for allegedly favoring Apple Music over Spotify in the App Store. However, the new import feature could make it easier for users to switch between the two services, which could benefit both companies.