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With Apple’s new Vision Pro headset, users can enjoy a variety of unique experiences. Here are some of the coolest uses we’ve seen:

1. Watch Sports Like a Pro

Sports fans can now watch multiple games simultaneously with the Vision Pro’s NBA League Pass app. You can have multiple game feeds projected right in front of you while monitoring player stats on the side.

2. Eat Without Worry

Using the Vision Pro while eating is a breeze. You can chow down on finger foods and still navigate the UI because you’re not actually touching anything. No more worrying about smearing grease on a screen or controller.

3. Skateboard on Your Appliances

Rodney Mullen’s Skatrix is an AR app that lets you play a skateboarding game on any surface. Just point the Vision Pro at your appliances, and you’re ready to go.

4. Plan Your Meals with Ease

The recipe organizing and meal-planning app Crouton has a Vision Pro port that makes cooking a breeze. You can organize your meals over the course of a week, place virtual timers anywhere in your environment, and even use a virtual “size guide” to find out how big something will be on your kitchen countertop.

5. Keep a Virtual Pet

The app Wisp World lets you keep a cute little forest sprite on your desk or anywhere else. You can simply stare at and admire it, or interact with it. It’s like a houseplant, but cooler.