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  • Meta Quest 3: Starting at $499.99
  • Apple Vision Pro: Starting at $3,499

Design and Comfort

  • Quest 3: Lightweight and comfortable, but the straps are flimsy.
  • Vision Pro: Poor weight distribution, made of metal and glass, comes with a Dual Loop band to improve balance.


  • Vision Pro: 12 cameras, LIDAR sensor, TrueDepth camera, IR flood illuminators, supports eye tracking and hand tracking, no controllers.
  • Quest 3: Six sensors, two RGB cameras, supports hand tracking, ships with a pair of controllers.

Apps and Games

  • Quest 3: Has a larger library of games and apps, but the AR games are scant.
  • Vision Pro: Will have 600 apps at launch, Apple Arcade offers 250 games, but it will take time for developers to create native Vision Pro software.


  • Vision Pro: Dual 3,680 x 3,140-pixel, micro-OLED displays.

  • Quest 3: Dual LCD panels with 2,064 x 2,208-pixel resolution.

Battery Life

  • Vision Pro: 2 to 2.5 hours, comes with a battery pack that must be charged separately and connected to the headset via a proprietary connector.
  • Quest 3: Similar battery life, but does not require a separate battery pack.

Final Thoughts

  • Vision Pro: Cutting-edge technology, ideal for spatial computing and immersive entertainment, but not a gaming headset.

  • Quest 3: Best value for money, can do everything the Vision Pro can do, plus fast-moving gaming.