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Apple’s Response to EU Fine

After being fined $2 billion by the European Union for its App Store policies, Apple has hit back at Spotify, the company that filed the complaint.

Apple’s Statement

Apple released a lengthy statement addressing Spotify’s role in the EU investigation.

Spotify’s Free Ride

Apple highlighted that Spotify pays nothing to Apple for its app, despite being downloaded billions of times on Apple devices.

Apple’s Support for Spotify

Apple also pointed out that it has supported Spotify by integrating it with various Apple services and expediting app updates.

Spotify’s Monopoly Concerns

Apple subtly suggested that Spotify has its own monopoly issues, with a 56% share of the European music streaming market.

Spotify’s Demands

Apple accused Spotify of wanting to rewrite the App Store rules to gain an advantage. Spotify wants to accept payments directly within its iOS app, avoiding Apple’s revenue share program.

Apple’s Reader Rule

Apple mentioned that it offers a “reader rule” policy that allows developers to provide links to external websites for billing and account management. However, Spotify has not taken advantage of this option.

Spotify’s “More” Demands

Apple concluded that Spotify wants to use Apple’s tools and platform without paying its fair share.

Appeal and Future Relationship

Apple stated that it will appeal the EU decision. It remains to be seen how the appeal will proceed and what the future holds for Apple and Spotify’s relationship.