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Lawsuit Filed by US Justice Department

The US Justice Department has filed a lawsuit against Apple for violating antitrust laws. The lawsuit accuses Apple of using its iPhone platform to unfairly advantage its own software and hardware, while blocking or restricting competitors.

Alleged Anticompetitive Practices

The lawsuit claims that Apple has engaged in the following practices:

  • Making the iPhone work better with the Apple Watch than with other smartwatches
  • Promoting its own apps over competitors like Spotify
  • Blocking cloud-gaming apps from the App Store
  • Preventing competitors from accessing iMessage compatibility
  • Restricting devices like Tile that compete with AirTag

Previous Investigations and Lawsuits

This lawsuit is part of a broader antitrust investigation into Big Tech companies. The Justice Department has already sued Google for anticompetitive practices, and the Federal Trade Commission is investigating Meta and Amazon.

European Antitrust Actions

Apple has also faced antitrust scrutiny in Europe. In February, the European Commission fined Apple $2 billion for blocking music apps from offering cheaper subscriptions through the App Store. The EU’s Digital Markets Act, which took effect in March, aims to break up Big Tech dominance and may further impact Apple’s practices in Europe.