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EU Regulators Investigate Apple’s Ban

On the day the Digital Markets Act (DMA) took effect in the EU, regulators have launched an investigation into Apple’s decision to ban Epic Games’ iOS developer account.

Why the Investigation?

Epic Games planned to launch an alternative marketplace for iOS apps, which Apple was forced to allow under the DMA. However, Apple terminated Epic’s account, citing its history of violating Apple’s rules.

Apple’s Controversial DMA Response

Apple has faced criticism for its response to the DMA. Critics argue that its new App Store policies, including fees for alternative marketplaces, go against the spirit of the law.

Home Screen Web Apps

Apple initially announced it would discontinue home screen web apps due to the DMA. However, it reversed this decision after backlash.

Happy DMA Day?

Despite the DMA’s aim to promote competition, Apple’s actions on its first day have raised concerns among regulators and industry players.