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Apple’s ambitious project to develop an electric vehicle (EV) to rival Tesla and other automakers has been scrapped, according to a report by Bloomberg. The project, codenamed “Project Titan,” had been in development for over a decade and employed nearly 2,000 people.

Reasons for Scrapping the Project

  1. Lack of a Clear Strategy: Apple’s strategy for the EV project was reportedly unclear and constantly changing, leading to a lack of direction and consistency.

  2. Leadership Turnover: The project experienced a high turnover rate among its leadership team, which contributed to instability and a lack of continuity.

  3. Long Development Timeline: The EV project was still years away from being ready for production, and Apple was concerned about the high costs of maintaining a project with an uncertain timeline.

  4. Challenges in Self-Driving Technology: The development of self-driving technology proved to be more complex and challenging than anticipated, leading to concerns about the feasibility of the project.

  5. Stagnating EV Market: The EV market has been facing challenges due to poor charging infrastructure and a lack of consumer interest, which dampened Apple’s optimism about the project’s potential success.

Aftermath of the Project’s Cancellation

Apple is reportedly prioritizing artificial intelligence (AI) and will transfer some employees from the EV team to its AI division. However, layoffs are expected, particularly among engineers from the Special Projects Group, which was responsible for the EV project.

Project Titan staffers who remain after the layoffs will work under John Giannandrea, Apple’s senior vice president of Machine Learning and AI Strategy.


Despite the cancellation of Project Titan, Apple remains a major player in the tech industry, and its focus on AI and other emerging technologies could lead to significant advancements in the future.