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Apple is actively developing foldable devices, including clamshell folding iPhones and a larger foldable iPad.

iPhone: Facing Development Challenges

  • The foldable iPhone is still in early development and may not launch soon.
  • Apple aims for a thin design, about half the thickness of current models.
  • The company explored an outward-facing display but encountered difficulties.
  • Engineers are working to achieve a fully flat display when unfolded.

Foldable iPad: Closer to Production

  • Apple is also working on a larger foldable device, potentially a foldable iPad.
  • It would feature an 8-inch, inward folding display.
  • When folded, it would be similar in size to an iPad mini.
  • When unfolded, it would approach the size of a larger iPad Pro.
  • Production of the foldable iPad may be closer than the iPhone due to less stringent thickness requirements for tablets.


Apple’s foldable devices, including the iPhone and iPad, are still in development. While the foldable iPhone faces challenges, the foldable iPad may be closer to production. Apple’s pursuit of innovative form factors continues, and we may see these devices in the coming years.