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Minivan Madness

Apple’s electric car project, Project Titan, was once a hot topic. But it was recently revealed that the project was scrapped. Now, we’re getting a glimpse of what the Apple Car might have looked like.

VW Inspiration

Prepare to be surprised: Apple was designing a minivan. The initial concept, called the “Bread Loaf,” was inspired by the classic Volkswagen microbus. Later versions kept the minivan aesthetic, with designs resembling the Volkswagen ID Buzz prototype.

Futuristic Minivan

The final design resembled the Canoo Lifestyle Vehicle, a futuristic van with rounded edges. The front and back were identical, giving the Apple Car a perpetual forward-driving appearance.

Gull-Wing Doors and Luxury Interior

Instead of sliding doors, the Apple Car would have featured gull-wing doors. The interior focused on space and comfort, with potential features like TVs, iPads, a special air conditioning system, and swiveling front seats.

Executives’ Approval

Apple executives, including Tim Cook, were reportedly impressed with the final design. However, the project was ultimately canceled, leaving us with only these glimpses of what might have been.