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AT&T experienced a major outage on Thursday, leaving many customers without cellular service for hours. To make up for the inconvenience, AT&T is offering a $5 credit to affected customers.


The $5 credit is available to AT&T customers who were affected by the outage. This includes customers with postpaid accounts, but not customers with prepaid accounts, business accounts, or Cricket Wireless accounts.

Amount of Credit

The $5 credit is per account, not per device. This means that customers with multiple phone lines on their account will only receive a single $5 credit.

How to Receive the Credit

Customers do not need to take any action to receive the credit. AT&T says the amount will be credited to eligible accounts within one or two billing cycles.

Reaction to the Credit

The reaction to AT&T’s $5 credit has been mixed. Some customers are appreciative of the offer, while others are disappointed that the credit is so small. Some customers have also pointed out that the credit is not available to all AT&T customers, such as those with prepaid accounts or business accounts.

Steps to Prevent Future Outages

AT&T has said that it is taking steps to ensure that a similar outage does not happen again in the future. The company has not yet provided any details about these steps, but it is likely that they will include investments in network infrastructure and improvements to outage response procedures.