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Instagram Story Sparks Speculation

Ayo Edebiri’s Instagram Story with Paul Mescal on St. Patrick’s Day has set the internet ablaze with rumors of a potential rom-com starring the two actors.

Mescal’s Rom-Com Ambitions

Last November, Mescal expressed his desire to do a rom-com with Edebiri, saying, “It would be cool to do something with a heart, where I can still show off my drama skills.”

Edebiri’s Response

Edebiri responded positively to Mescal’s proposal, saying she would be interested if the script was “inventive” and had “a heart.”

Fans Demand a Rom-Com

Fans have been clamoring for a rom-com featuring Edebiri and Mescal, with some even begging on their hands and knees.

Emily Henry’s Instagram Post

Romance novelist Emily Henry’s repost of the St. Patrick’s Day photo has fueled speculation that Edebiri and Mescal might star in an adaptation of one of her novels.

Screenwriter’s Repost

Yulin Kuang, the screenwriter for the film adaptation of Henry’s “Beach Read,” also reposted the photo, further fueling the rumors.


The potential for a rom-com starring Ayo Edebiri and Paul Mescal has the internet buzzing. With the actors’ expressed interest and the support of fans, it’s possible that this rom-com dream could become a reality.