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HMD Global, the company behind Nokia phones, has teamed up with Mattel to launch a Barbie-themed flip phone.

What We Know So Far

  • The phone will be pink.
  • It will be a flip phone.
  • It will be released next summer.

That’s all the information HMD has provided so far. No specs, no pricing, and no images (except for a very pixelated pic).

Marketing Spiel

HMD hopes to capitalize on the upcoming Barbie movie sequel by marketing the phone as a stylish and nostalgic accessory. They claim it will offer a much-needed digital detox from smartphone culture.

Other HMD News

  • HMD will now sell phones under its own brand, “Human Mobile Devices.”
  • Nokia-branded phones will still be available.
  • HMD plans to release an updated version of an unspecified, legendary Nokia device this summer.

What We Think

The Barbie flip phone is a fun and unique concept, but it’s hard to say how successful it will be without more information. We’ll have to wait until next summer to find out.