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AI-Generated Knockoffs Flooding Amazon

Kara Swisher’s new memoir, “Burn Book: A Tech Love Story,” is out. But be careful when buying it on Amazon. You might end up with an AI-generated knockoff instead.

According to 404 Media, fake versions of Swisher’s book have popped up on Amazon. A quick search shows the real book first, but then you’ll see pages of unauthorized biographies about Swisher, taking advantage of the book’s popularity.

How to Spot the Fakes

The fake books have some obvious giveaways:

  • Fake-sounding author names: Cheryl J. Stackhouse, Kara Press
  • AI-generated synopses: Sound like they were scraped from Swisher’s Wikipedia page
  • AI-generated cover images:
    Smooth, waxy look
  • Short length: 77 pages or less

Amazon’s Quality Control

This isn’t the first time Amazon has been flooded with AI-generated books. With generative AI tools becoming widely available, it’s getting easier to create fake books in minutes. Amazon’s quality control seems to be lacking, making it difficult to stop the flow of AI-generated garbage.

Buyer Beware

If you’re looking for Swisher’s real memoir, be sure to check the author’s name and the book’s length. And remember, even if these books aren’t AI-generated, they probably won’t give you the same insights and stories as Swisher’s own book.