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During the Super Bowl’s third quarter, Beyoncé aired a series of commercials that had the internet buzzing. With the help of Emmy-winner Tony Hale, who played a character similar to his “Veep” character Gary, Hale monitored if Beyoncé’s actions could break Verizon’s 5G internet.

Beyoncé took on various challenges to try and break the internet. She opened a lemonade stand while wielding a baseball bat to break the ice, played saxophone on “a surprise drop,” and even tried to break the internet with things called Beyonce-AI and BarBey. She even announced her candidacy for “BOTUS: Beyoncé of the United States.”

Throughout the ad, Hale repeatedly stated, “Verizon didn’t break.”

The ad concluded with Beyoncé saying, “OK, they’re ready. Drop the new music.”

“Act II” Album Release

Social media is abuzz with the news that Beyoncé will release a new album titled “Act II” on March 29. Beyoncé and her husband, Jay-Z, were both present at the Super Bowl game on Sunday.