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Beyoncé’s Surprise Appearance in a Verizon Commercial

Beyoncé made a rare appearance in a Verizon commercial during the Super Bowl halftime show. In the commercial, she announced her upcoming country album and showed off her skills as a gamer.

Beyoncé’s Gaming Headset

In the commercial, Beyoncé wore a pink cat-eared gaming headset. The headset was made by Razer, but it has been discontinued. The newer model, the Kraken Kitty V2, is available for $99.99.

Other Razer Gear in the Commercial

OpTic Gaming’s Seth Abner also appeared in the commercial, wearing a BlackShark V2 headset and sitting in an Enki gaming chair.

Razer’s Statement

Razer’s Director of Marketing, Bob Picunko, said that the company was thrilled to have its products featured in the Super Bowl commercials. He said that these moments underscore the strength of Razer’s collaborations and emphasize the growing cultural significance of gaming.