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The Biden administration initially set ambitious goals for electric vehicle (EV) production to combat climate change. However, automakers and unions have been pushing for more time to meet these targets.

New Plan

The administration is reportedly slowing down the EV shift. Car manufacturers will now have until 2030 to increase EV sales, instead of the previous deadline.

Reasons for Delay

  • Automakers need time to develop and produce EVs at a lower cost.
  • Charging station infrastructure needs to be expanded across the US.

Political Considerations

The delay also aims to appease labor unions who fear that a rapid transition to EVs could cost workers their jobs. Union support is crucial for Biden’s re-election campaign.

Long-Term Goal

Despite the delay, President Biden’s ultimate goal remains to eliminate carbon emissions from the US by 2050. However, this move suggests that he is not in a rush to achieve this target.