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Meta and Microsoft have joined forces to challenge Apple’s new App Store policies, urging the European Union (EU) to reject them. These tech giants argue that Apple’s proposed changes undermine the spirit of the Digital Markets Act (DMA), a new EU law aimed at promoting competition and curbing Big Tech’s dominance.

Apple’s Controversial Compliance with the DMA

Apple’s response to the DMA has drawn criticism from Meta, Microsoft, and other companies. The Cupertino-based tech giant updated its App Store rules to allow alternative marketplaces, but it imposed a Core Technology Fee (CTF) that could potentially cost developers more money than they make from their apps. This move has been widely seen as an attempt to maintain its monopoly over the iOS app market.

Meta and Microsoft’s Concerns

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg expressed skepticism about Apple’s compliance with the DMA, stating that the company’s approach would discourage developers from using alternative app stores. Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the need for open and fair competition in the gaming industry.

EU Scrutinizes Apple’s App Store Changes

The backlash against Apple’s DMA-inspired changes has prompted the EU to review them. The European Commission is questioning whether Apple’s policy updates align with the DMA’s objectives. The EU could potentially fine Apple for non-compliance or reject its App Store proposal entirely, forcing the company to revise its policies.

The Significance of the EU’s Decision

The EU’s decision regarding Apple’s App Store changes will have a significant impact on the digital marketplace. If the EU approves Apple’s proposal, it could set a precedent for other Big Tech companies to exploit loopholes in regulations. However, if the EU rejects Apple’s proposal, it would send a strong message that Big Tech companies must comply with the spirit of the DMA and promote fair competition.