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Make Black Mirror Great Again

Fans are excited for the return of Black Mirror, but many have expressed disappointment with recent seasons. They hope Season 7 will redeem the show and bring back the praised storytelling style of earlier episodes.

Revisiting “U.S.S. Callister”?

Netflix hinted that one of the new episodes will be familiar. Fans believe it could be a sequel to “U.S.S. Callister,” a popular episode from Season 4 that parodied Star Trek and explored themes of power and control.

Only Six Episodes?

While fans are relieved to see the show return, they are disappointed that there will only be six episodes. They feel that the long wait for Season 7 deserves more content.

Announcement Too Early?

Netflix’s announcement a year before the release has left some fans scratching their heads. They feel that it’s too far away to generate excitement and may lead to impatience.

Living in Black Mirror

With the rise of AI and other controversial technologies, some fans believe that we are already living in a Black Mirror-esque reality. They question the need for the show when it reflects our current technological landscape.

Stay Tuned

DoTechBetter will provide coverage of Black Mirror Season 7 once it drops next year. Stay tuned for more updates and analysis.