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Clash of the Titans

Bob Marley’s biopic “One Love” has triumphed over Marvel’s “Madame Web” at the box office.

Box Office Battle

  • “One Love” topped the charts with $25.3 million, despite a $70 million budget.
  • “Madame Web” came in second with $12.5 million, against an $80 million budget.

Critical Reception

Neither film received rave reviews.

  • “One Love” was called “boring” and “intellectually void.”
  • “Madame Web” was criticized for its “too many threads and not enough fun.”

Other Contenders

  • “Argylle” is expected to take third place, but will likely fail to recoup its $200 million budget.
  • “Migration,” “Wonka,” and “The Chosen” round out the top five earners.