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During this year’s Super Bowl, viewers in California, Delaware, Michigan, and Washington D.C. were exposed to a series of ads urging them to “Boycott Tesla.” These ads, created by The Dawn Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting computer safety, specifically targeted Tesla’s self-driving technology.

The Dawn Project’s Campaign Against Tesla

The Dawn Project has been a vocal critic of Tesla’s self-driving technology for years. Their website is filled with criticism of Tesla, and their Super Bowl ads were just the latest in a series of efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of Tesla’s technology.

The ads were funded by tech entrepreneur Dan O’Dowd, a longtime Tesla critic. O’Dowd paid half a million dollars to air the ads in the targeted markets.

The Ads’ Focus on Real-Life Incidents

The ads highlighted real-life incidents involving Tesla vehicles using Autopilot. One ad showed a Tesla striking a 17-year-old boy who was getting off a school bus. The school bus had its stop sign out and flashing lights on, but the Tesla still hit the boy.

Another ad pointed out that Tesla’s owner’s manual states that Autopilot is only safe to use on freeways. However, the ad noted that Tesla has refused to limit Autopilot use to freeways, even after the government requested that they do so.

Tesla’s Response

Tesla has not responded directly to the ads, but the company has previously defended its self-driving technology. Tesla has argued that its technology is safer than human drivers and that it is constantly improving.

The Debate Over Tesla’s Self-Driving Technology

The debate over Tesla’s self-driving technology is likely to continue. Tesla’s technology is still in its early stages of development, and there are still many concerns about its safety. However, Tesla is a leader in the field of self-driving technology, and its technology has the potential to revolutionize transportation.