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A Brief Overview

ChatGPT, a well-known language model, recently exhibited unusual behavior, generating unintelligible responses to user prompts. This phenomenon, referred to as “hallucinations,” has been observed before, but on Tuesday, it seemed to reach a new level.

The Synonym Scrambler

Some users encountered a peculiar version of ChatGPT, dubbed the “Synonym Scrambler,” which responded to prompts with overly flowery and incomprehensible language. For instance, one user received advice to “ensure that sesquipedalian safes are cross-keyed and the consul’s cry from the crow’s nest is met by beatine and wary hares a’twist and at winch in the willow.”

Investigating the Issue

The bizarre responses appeared to stem from ChatGPT’s tendency to use obscure and archaic words, often in a convoluted manner. This behavior was particularly evident among paying users, while free users seemed unaffected.

The Bug’s Characteristics

In many cases, ChatGPT would initially provide clear and relevant answers before abruptly transitioning into a verbose and nonsensical style. One user captured a screenshot of ChatGPT’s response, which included a description of the bug and a question about its name. ChatGPT’s initial answer was reasonable, but it quickly descended into a jumble of technical terms and metaphors.

Possible Explanations

Users speculated about the cause of this strange behavior, with some suggesting that ChatGPT was experiencing a “stroke” or “hallucinations.” However, by Wednesday morning, the issue seemed to have been resolved, as ChatGPT returned to generating coherent responses.

OpenAI’s Response

OpenAI acknowledged the issue and confirmed that it had been identified and resolved. However, they declined to provide further details or elaborate on the cause of the problem.


ChatGPT’s brief bout of gibberish generation was a curious incident that highlighted the challenges and limitations of language models. While these models can be incredibly powerful, they are still prone to errors and unexpected behaviors, especially when tasked with complex or ambiguous prompts.