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In a wide-ranging interview on the Late Show, Stephen Colbert and Christopher Nolan discussed various topics, including Oppenheimer and Tenet. But they also took time to address some rumors.

No Email or Smartphone

Nolan revealed that he doesn’t have an email address or a smartphone. However, he does carry a basic pay-as-you-go phone when necessary.

The ‘No Uggs’ Rule

Colbert brought up the rumor that Nolan doesn’t allow Uggs on set. Nolan confirmed that this rule applies to him and the actors.

Nolan explained that this rule is intended to maintain the reality of the film set. He believes that wearing appropriate shoes and clothing helps the actors stay focused on their roles.

Crew Comfort

Colbert joked that the rule might be in place to keep the crew’s feet warm. Nolan laughed and agreed that the crew can have warm feet.