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Pre-Release Buzz and Divisive Reactions

Alex Garland’s “Civil War” has sparked a heated debate online even before its release. The trailer and early reviews from SXSW have left audiences polarized.

The Movie’s Premise

Set in a near-future second American Civil War, the film follows four journalists on a dangerous road trip to interview the president. The movie explores the power of journalism and the dangers of political division.

Social Media Wars

Despite the film’s release being weeks away, social media is abuzz with opinions. Some criticize the movie’s apolitical approach, while others argue that the focus on war journalism makes political debates irrelevant.

Conflicting Views

One point of contention is the alliance between California and Texas in the civil war. Others argue that the film’s lack of political commentary is a missed opportunity.

Garland’s Intentions

Garland has stated that the film aims to spark a conversation about political divisiveness. Whether this strategy will benefit the box office remains to be seen.

Release Date

“Civil War” hits theaters on April 12th. Until then, the internet battleground will likely continue.