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The LA Clippers’ former owner, Donald Sterling, was caught on tape making racist remarks in 2014. This led to a huge scandal, his lifetime ban from the NBA, and a deep dive into the Clippers’ organization’s problems.

The Sterling Affairs Podcast:
In 2019, ESPN’s 30 for 30 podcast, The Sterling Affairs, reported on the scandal. Ramona Shelburne hosted and reported on the podcast.

Clipped – The TV Series:
This summer, FX on Hulu is releasing a six-episode miniseries called Clipped, based on the Sterling scandal.

Why is Clipped Important?

  • It’s an important story for the NBA, especially considering its predominantly Black player base.
  • It’s relatable to workplace dramas, showing what it’s like to be Black in a white-dominated space.

What’s Clipped About?

  • The series takes us behind the scenes of the Clippers during the scandal.
  • It examines the marital and locker room drama that followed.


  • Doc Rivers (Laurence Fishburne): New head coach, trying to turn around the Clippers’ fortunes.
  • Donald Sterling (Ed O’Neill): Racist bully and owner of the Clippers.
  • Shelly Sterling (Jacki Weaver): Donald Sterling’s wife and business partner.
  • V. Stiviano (Cleopatra Coleman): Donald Sterling’s mistress.

Release Date:
Clipped premieres on Hulu on June 4th.