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The New York Times’ latest word game, Connections, has become a social media sensation. The game challenges players to find the common threads between four words.

What is Connections?

Connections is a daily word game where players have to group four words that share something in common. Each puzzle features 16 words, and each grouping of words is split into four categories. These sets could comprise anything from book titles to country names.

Players get up to four mistakes before the game ends. They can also rearrange and shuffle the board to make spotting connections easier.

Today’s Connections Categories

  • Yellow: ’80s Fashion Trends
  • Green: Gymnastics Positions
  • Blue: Kinds of Crackers
  • Purple: ___ Ladder

Today’s Connections Answers

  • Yellow: ’80s Fashion Trends:


  • Green: Gymnastics Positions: PIKE, SPLIT, STRADDLE, TUCK
  • Blue: Kinds of Crackers: ANIMAL, GOLDFISH, OYSTER, RITZ
  • Purple: ___ Ladder: CORPORATE, ROPE, SALMON, WORD

Tips for Playing Connections

  • Look for words that are related in some way. For example, all of the words in the “Yellow: ’80s Fashion Trends” category are related to fashion trends from the 1980s.
  • Use the colors to your advantage. The yellow category is the easiest, followed by green, blue, and purple. If you’re stuck, try starting with the yellow category.
  • Don’t be afraid to rearrange and shuffle the board. This can help you see the connections between the words more easily.
  • If you’re really stuck, you can use the “Hint” button to get a clue.


Connections is a fun and challenging word game that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. With a little practice, you’ll be able to solve even the most difficult puzzles.