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What is Connections?

  • The New York Times’ latest daily word game has become a social media sensation.
  • The game challenges players to find the “common threads between words.”
  • Each puzzle features 16 words grouped into four categories.
  • Players must correctly group all four words in a set to remove them from the board.
  • Incorrect guesses count as mistakes, and players have a maximum of four mistakes before the game ends.
  • Players can rearrange and shuffle the board to make spotting connections easier.
  • Each group is color-coded with yellow being the easiest, followed by green, blue, and purple.

Today’s Categories

  • Yellow: Monotonous Sounds
  • Green: Boats
  • Blue: Captains
  • Purple: Prefixes with -Cracy

Hints for Today’s Categories

  • Yellow: Think of sounds that can be repetitive or constant.
  • Green: Consider different types of watercraft.
  • Blue: These are famous people who have captained ships or led armies.
  • Purple: These are prefixes that mean “government by.”

Today’s Answers

  • Monotonous Sounds: BUZZ, DRONE, HUM, PURR
  • Prefixes with -Cracy: AUTO, BUREAU, DEMO, PLUTO

Don’t Give Up!

  • If you didn’t guess it this time, don’t worry. There will be a new Connections puzzle tomorrow.
  • Check back for more hints and answers to help you solve the next puzzle.