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Joe Biden’s Alter Ego Takes Center Stage

President Joe Biden took to Twitter to acknowledge the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl win with a photo of his laser-eyed alter ego, “Dark Brandon.” The meme, originally a right-wing slogan, has been embraced by Biden’s followers and social media team.

The Genesis of “Dark Brandon”

The “Dark Brandon” meme originated at a NASCAR race in 2021, where a crowd chant of “Fuck Joe Biden!” was misheard as “Let’s go Brandon!” Conservatives adopted the phrase as an insult, but Democrats repurposed it to celebrate Biden’s leadership. The meme gained momentum after successful political wins and the killing of Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri.

Biden’s Meme Response to Conspiracy Theories

Biden’s latest “Dark Brandon” post comes amid conspiracy theories involving game-rigging, Travis Kelce, and Taylor Swift. Biden is reportedly seeking a second endorsement from Swift, which has fueled speculation among Trump supporters. Biden’s post appears to mock these theories and signal his intention to keep the meme going through the election season.

Mixed Reactions Online

The meme has sparked mixed reactions online. Some found it humorous, while others criticized it as tone-deaf and out-of-touch, especially given the ongoing crisis in the Middle East. The meme’s menacing imagery also drew criticism.

Ongoing Devastation in Gaza Overshadows Celebration

At the time of the Super Bowl win, Israeli forces were carrying out a special forces operation in Gaza, resulting in the deaths of at least 50 Palestinians. The timing of Biden’s meme post, using an image that appears menacing, was met with outrage by many online.

Biden’s Official Congratulatory Message

Despite the controversy, Biden later posted a congratulatory message to the Chiefs using the official presidential account, @POTUS, inviting the team to the White House.