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Introducing Jess and Elliot: Best Friends United in Grief

  • Rye Lane’s Vivian Oparah and Extraordinary’s Bilal Hasna star in Prime Video’s upcoming UK series Dead Hot.
  • The series follows best friends Jess (Oparah) and Elliot (Hasna), who are coping with grief by partying hard.
  • Five years ago, Jess’ twin brother Peter, also the love of Elliot’s life, went missing.

A New Mystery Unfolds

  • Elliot meets someone new, Will, who seems to be hiding something.
  • Jess gets contacted by someone claiming to be Peter, leading to chaos and mystery.

Created by Charlotte Coben

  • Dead Hot is created and written by Charlotte Coben, daughter of Harlan Coben.
  • Charlotte Coben has worked on TV adaptations of her father’s books, including The Stranger, Stay Close, Shelter, and Fool Me Once.

Streaming on Prime Video

  • Dead Hot will be available to stream on Prime Video starting March 1.