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Devil’s Bargain

On Wednesday, April 3, the gates of hell open for a special offer: tickets to the nunsploitation flick “Immaculate” are just $6.66 at select theaters.

Where to Find the Devil’s Deal

  • AMC Theaters

  • Regal Cinemas
  • Marcus Theaters
  • Harkins Theaters

Showtime Options

The deal applies to all showtimes, so you can catch a matinee or an evening screening.

About “Immaculate”

Sydney Sweeney stars as a chaste novitiate who finds herself pregnant in an eerie Italian convent. As nuns and priests believe she’s carrying the Second Coming, things get weird.

Critical Reception

DoTechBetter’s film editor found “Immaculate” to be solid B-movie entertainment, but wished it had gone harder with its scares and message of bodily autonomy.