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How It Happened

On April Fools’ Day, Discord released a video announcing a fake “Loot Boxes” feature. The video was embedded in a pop-up message that appeared in the corner of the app.

However, the video auto-played in the background, even when users weren’t actively using the app. This led to an insane number of views, over a billion in just 24 hours!

Was It Intentional?

Discord claims it was an accident, but there’s some evidence that suggests otherwise. For example, a Discord developer was reportedly surprised by the high view count.

Also, the pop-up code was later changed to stop the video from auto-playing. However, many users had already left Discord open and weren’t actively using it, so the views kept climbing.


The Discord Loot Box video has sparked controversy in the YouTube community. Some argue that the record shouldn’t count since it was achieved through a technical glitch. Others believe it’s a legitimate record, even if it was accidental.

Regardless, Discord’s April Fools’ joke ended up breaking a YouTube record in a way they probably never expected.