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Android enthusiasts continue to enjoy the exclusive privilege of experimenting with unofficial mod applications, enhancing their digital experience beyond standard offerings. Among these innovations is YouTube Vanced, a modified iteration of YouTube that significantly surpasses its original version in functionality and user satisfaction. This development has sparked widespread curiosity about the availability of a YouTube Vanced variant for iOS devices, a topic we delve into with keen interest.

Youtube Vanced: A Superior Alternative

The absence of a dark mode in the official YouTube application stands in stark contrast to the expectations set by contemporary app design, a gap YouTube Vanced adeptly fills. This feature, essential for late-night viewers concerned about eye health, represents just one of the many premium-like attributes offered by YouTube Vanced, without the cost of a YouTube Premium subscription. Its ad-blocking capability, in particular, presents a seamless viewing experience, eliminating interruptions across extended usage periods. Additionally, YouTube Vanced facilitates multitasking through its picture-in-picture mode, alongside options for downloading videos or MP3s, enriching the user experience with versatility and convenience.

Features Highlight:

  • Integrated ad blocker
  • Background playback
  • Picture-in-picture mode
  • Dark theme
  • Swipe controls for brightness and volume adjustment
  • Restoration of the dislike feature
  • Among others…

The anticipation among iOS users for YouTube Vanced is palpable, driven by the allure of its enhanced features. However, the quest for a version compatible with iPhone and iPad devices brings many to question its existence and availability.

YouTube Vanced for iOS: A Reality Check

YouTube Vanced can be considered an upgraded version of the standard YouTube app, boasting features such as ad blocking, dark mode, and background playback that have made it indispensable to some Android users. iOS users, eager for a similar upgrade, find themselves asking: Is YouTube Vanced available for iPhone/iPad? Regrettably, YouTube Vanced remains an Android-exclusive, with no official release for the iOS operating system.

The Safety of Downloading YouTube Vanced APKs for iOS

While third-party sites may offer YouTube Vanced APKs for iOS, the absence of an official iOS version raises significant security concerns. Therefore, it is advisable for iOS users to rely on the official YouTube app, despite the inconvenience of ads. Fortunately, the official app does offer a dark mode, providing at least one feature comparable to Vanced’s enhancements.

Activating Dark Mode on YouTube for iOS:

  1. Open YouTube on your iOS device.
  2. Tap the profile icon in the top right.
  3. Navigate to Settings in your profile.
  4. Select the Dark Theme option and activate it.


YouTube Vanced stands as a commendable alternative to the official YouTube application, offering a suite of advanced features. However, for iOS users, the official app remains a reliable and secure choice for daily use. While the allure of YouTube Vanced’s additional functionalities is undeniable, those desiring its full benefits may need to consider transitioning to an Android device, where YouTube Vanced is readily available and officially supported.