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  • Dual Displays for Enhanced Workflow: Juggle multiple apps simultaneously with two 14-inch OLED screens.
  • Detachable Keyboard with Trackpad:

    Navigate both screens without touching them, keeping them smudge-free.
  • Virtual Keyboard on Second Screen: Use the second screen as a keyboard in a pinch.
  • Versatile Modes: Transform into landscape, book, or tablet mode for different use cases.

  • Surprising Port Selection: HDMI, USB Type-A, Thunderbolt 4, and a headset jack for connectivity.


  • Bulky Design: The laptop is heavier with the keyboard attached, but still relatively lightweight when used without it.

  • Fingerprint-Attracting Chassis: The Inkwell Gray finish easily shows smudges.


  • Quiet Speakers: May struggle to be heard in noisy environments.

  • Awkward Lay-Flat Mode: Disruption between the two screens in the middle.

  • Mediocre Webcam: 1080p camera with muted colors and a ghostly cast.

Is It Worth It?

Yes, the Asus Zenbook Duo is worth considering. For under $2,000, it offers a unique and efficient multi-screen experience that outperforms single-screen laptops that cost significantly more.