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Release and Availability

Dyson has finally released its first robot vacuum in the US since 2016, the 360 Vis Nav. Despite its hefty price tag of $1,199.99, it quickly sold out at Dyson’s website, Amazon, and Best Buy.

Design and Features

The 360 Vis Nav has a distinctive D-shape, unlike most round robot vacuums. Its standout feature is an extending side duct that sucks up debris along walls. It also uses heat map-like detection to identify areas with high dust levels and automatically increases suction power.

Cleaning Performance

Dyson claims that the 360 Vis Nav has double the suction power of competing robot vacuums. It has four suction modes, including a Boost mode for maximum power. However, it lacks some premium features like mopping, small obstacle detection, and self-emptying.

Our Thoughts

We’re currently testing the 360 Vis Nav to compare its cleaning performance and navigation to other high-end robot vacuums. Our full review will be coming soon. For now, we’re not sure if it’s worth the steep price tag.