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Elon Musk has announced that the first human recipient of a Neuralink brain chip can control a computer mouse using only their thoughts.

Progress Update

Musk revealed during a Spaces audio chat that the patient has fully recovered from the surgery and is experiencing no adverse effects. The patient can now move a mouse cursor on a screen by simply thinking about it.

Future Goals

Neuralink is currently working on increasing the number of commands that the patient can perform using their thoughts.

Patient Information

Details about the first Neuralink patient are scarce, as Musk has only provided limited information through his X social media platform. The company initially sought human volunteers over the age of 18 with disabilities.

Telepathy Product

Musk has described the first Neuralink product as “Telepathy,” which allows users to control devices using their thoughts. The initial target users will be individuals with limb disabilities.


Despite Neuralink’s recent progress, the company has faced criticism for its controversial animal testing practices. Musk has denied allegations of unethical treatment, but a former employee has provided disturbing accounts of animal suffering during tests.

Regulatory Approval

After initially rejecting Neuralink’s application, the FDA approved human transplants last year. The company has also faced fines for violating hazardous materials transportation regulations.