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Investigation and Complaint

Apple is set to face a €500 million fine from the EU next month for allegedly breaking antitrust laws. The investigation began in 2019 after Spotify complained that the App Store unfairly favored Apple Music over other streaming services.

Spotify’s website outlines its reasons for the complaint, including:

  • Apple’s 30% tax on certain apps
  • Rejection of Spotify’s app updates and improvements

Accusations and Consequences

The European Commission will accuse Apple of:

  • Abusing its dominant position
  • Implementing anti-competitive practices
  • Blocking users from accessing cheaper music services outside the App Store

The fine will be the first of its kind from the EU. Apple previously faced a €1.1 billion fine in France for similar allegations, which was later reduced to €372 million.

EU’s Push for Competition

The EU has been cracking down on big tech companies with a monopoly in the market. The Digital Markets Act, which will also be implemented next month, aims to open up competition and give smaller companies a chance to thrive. Six major tech companies, including Apple, will be required to comply with the act.