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What’s Banned?

The EU’s new AI law prohibits:

  • Using facial recognition to create databases without consent
  • Using AI to assess emotions in workplaces and schools
  • “Social scoring” systems
  • “Predictive policing” based solely on profiling
  • AI that manipulates behavior or exploits vulnerabilities

Exceptions and Restrictions

  • Real-time biometric identification systems are allowed with strict safeguards, such as judicial authorization.
  • General-purpose AI systems must meet transparency requirements and may face additional restrictions for high-risk applications.
  • Deepfakes must be clearly labeled.

Benefits of the Law

The AI Act aims to:

  • Protect fundamental rights and democracy
  • Promote innovation and make Europe a leader in AI
  • Ensure responsible and ethical use of AI


The AI Act is expected to take effect two years after being published in the EU’s official journal. Some banned practices will apply sooner, within six months of the law’s entry into force.