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Your mom’s favorite news source on Facebook is no more.

The End of an Era

Starting next month, Facebook will be removing its News tab in the US and Australia. It’s already gone in the UK, France, and Germany.

Why the Ax?

Facebook says it’s getting rid of the tab to focus on what users want to see more of: short videos. In other words, more Reels and less news.

Not a Surprise

This move isn’t a shock. Facebook has been distancing itself from politics and news for a while now.

What’s Left?

You’ll still be able to find news links and follow news outlets on their Facebook pages. However, the News tab won’t be there anymore.

The Impact on Publishers

The News tab generated millions in revenue for publishers. With its removal, those deals will be lost. Facebook has stated that there will be no new commercial deals for news in the future.

How to Download Your News Data

If you want to keep a record of your Facebook News history, you can download it from your profile settings.