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Fairy Tales and the Aliens

In the Netflix series ‘3 Body Problem,’ fairy tales play a curious role. Oil magnate Mike Evans shares these stories with the advanced alien race, the San-Ti.

  • Hansel and Gretel: Evans reads this tale, discussing fear and its impact on individuals and society. The San-Ti are puzzled by humanity’s fearlessness.
  • Little Red Riding Hood: Evans shares this story, highlighting the dangers of strangers and deception. The San-Ti interpret it as a story about lying.

Fairy Tales and Will Downing

Another character, Will Downing, has a connection to fairy tales:

  • Fairy Tales for Young and Old: Will receives this book as a gift from his friend Jin Cheng.
  • Sleeping Beauty:
    Will reads this tale, foreshadowing his impending state of limbo.
  • Pushkin the Fish: Will names his fish after a character from a Russian fairy tale about a man who catches a wish-granting fish.

The Significance of Fairy Tales

The inclusion of fairy tales in ‘3 Body Problem’ raises questions:

  • Why did Evans choose fairy tales to communicate with the San-Ti?
  • How do Will’s fairy tales relate to Evans’ choices?

These references suggest that fairy tales may play a deeper role in the series, perhaps providing clues or foreshadowing future events. Only time will tell if these threads will lead to something more significant.