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Apple’s App Store review team is known for its strict standards, yet a fake LastPass app managed to pass through and was available for weeks before being taken down.

The Fake App

  • The fraudulent LastPass app impersonated the official app and listed an individual named “Parvati Patel” as the developer instead of LastPass’s parent company, LogMeIn.
  • It copied LastPass’s branding and user interface but contained misspellings and other indicators of fraud, such as being listed as “LassPass Password Manager” instead of “LastPass.”

Apple’s Response

  • Apple removed the fake app from the App Store after being notified by the LastPass team.
  • The company has not provided any information about how the app passed the review process.

Potential Implications

  • It’s unclear how many people fell for the scam or if it was a phishing attempt, but it raises concerns about the effectiveness of Apple’s App Store review process.
  • The incident is ironic given Apple’s recent opposition to the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), which aims to loosen Apple’s control over app distribution on iPhones.
  • Apple has argued that its walled-garden approach with the App Store keeps consumers safe from bad actors, yet the fake LastPass app was available for download in the official App Store.